CHIRA—Convex Hull Based Iterative Algorithm of Rules Aggregation

Marek Sikora1,2, Adam Gudyś1

1.     Institute of Computer Science, Faculty Of Automatic Control, Electronics And Computer Science, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland

2.     Institute of Innovative Technologies, EMAG, Katowice, Poland




CHIRA algorithm is freely available as a plugin to Weka software. Follow these steps to use it:

1.     Download and unpack archive.

2.     Add path to Chira.jar to the cp variable in Weka/RunWeka.ini file.

3.     Run Weka and search CHIRA under weka/classifiers/rules category.

As CHIRA core is implemented in MATLAB it requires either full MATLAB distribution, or MATLAB Compiler Runtime installed. The latter can be freely downloaded from MathWorks site.


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